History of Mongolia

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History of Mongolia

Зохиолч: Баабар /Бат-Эрдэнэ Батбаяр/

  • ISBN: 978-9992-98-618-9
  • Хавтас: Хатуу
  • Хэвлэгдсэн он: 2017
  • Хуудас: 448
  • Хэмжээ: 180х253 мм
  • Жин: 1040
  • Үлдэгдэл: Дууссан

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Twentieth Century Mongolia is the previously unwritten history of Mongolia. After 1911, many historical archives in Mongolia were destroyed; those that survived were locked up by the Soviet- controlled Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party. In March 1990, when the democracy movement brought about a change in government, these secret documents were revealed, many historic witnesses opened their mouths, and Mongolia's real history became front-page news in all the newspapers in the country. This work will have two volumes and five books; the first volume has three books.

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